For over a decade, I have worked with companies on marketing and building a digital presence through strategy and content creation.

  • Strategy Consulting

    Personalized approach to developing a business, marketing, social media or digital content strategy.

  • Email Marketing

    Create email marketing campaigns, best practice tips and strategies.

  • Branding

    Visual brand identity and communication development.

  • Event Managment

    Business launch events, creative events, fundraisers and more.


Creative Marketing Professional

My work has been dedicated to assisting companies in developing and executing strategic plans with a creative approach. Over the past decade, my involvement with companies has varied from being the sole brand creator/developer to working on teams lead by field experts.

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Lessons and resources that have been helpful and worth sharing.

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    Are you thinking about or in the process of redesigning your website? Knowing that institutions have far more shared challenges than unique ones when approaching [...]

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